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Epoxy Coated Drainage EN877 Grey Cast Iron Pipes SML

Epoxy Coated Drainage EN877 Grey Cast Iron Pipes SML

epoxy coated drainage EN877 grey cast iron pipes SML - High strength and long durability - Low maintenance and noise - Fire resistance - 100 % recycled - Easy to instal

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SML Cast Iron Pipe /DIN19522 No Hub Pipe/EN877 Hubless Pipes


1) Sizes:DN40, DN50, DN70, DN75, DN100, DN125, DN150, DN200, DN250, DN300
2) Length: 3M
3) Standard: EN 877/DIN19522
4) Material: gray cast iron
5) Applications: construction drainage, pollution discharge
6) Features: Flat and straight; High strength and density without defect; Easy to install and maintain; Long lifetime, fireproof and low noise rate.
The gray cast iron straight pipe produced by centrifugal technology are mainly used in drainpipe through a flexible linkage, which has been past the test of the Hebei Institute of Products Quality Intendance and Inspection and the provincial appraisal and has supply the provincial gap.

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