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Cement Lined Ductile Iron Pipe 6m

Cement Lined Ductile Iron Pipe 6m

We have produced EN545/ISO2531 ductile iron pipes for more than ten years. our quality is of high level, pipe size from DN80 to DN2600.

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Cement lined ductile iron pipe 6m

Introduction of cement lined ductile iron pipe 6m

Centrifugally Cast Ductile Iron Pipe is a kind of pipe made from spherical graphite cast iron by centrifugal spinning process. The pipes, which can convey many fluid media such as water, oil and gas, are widely used in various pipeline projects for metallurgy, mine, water conservancy, petroleum and urban public service utility.
Possessing high strength, good toughness as steel and better corrosion resistance than steel, the ductile iron pipe is the ideal substitute for gray cast iron pipe and common steel pipe. In addition, the DI pipes are produced with good straightness, even wall thickness, high dimension accuracy, smooth surface finishing and remarkable mechanical properties, plus with firmly sticking internal & external coating layer. Flexible Push-in joint and rubber gasket are used resulting in convenient installation of pipelines.
By combining amazing ductility and high tensile strength to the well established corrosion resistance qualities of ductile iron, this easily handled pipe can be readily tapped, drilled or welded. Ductile Iron Pipes offer unsurpassed benefits for applications in water supply, sewerage and gas mains by their reputation by actual performance!

Inspection process

Raw Material Inspetion (Melting, Trim)-Raw Material Inspetion(Nodullar Treatment)-Visual check after casting-Metallographic test,Mechanical properties and visual check  (while input to HT stove-Inpection of zinc spraying thickness-socket spigot dimension inspection and visual check-Hydrostatic test-cement mortar thickness and adhersion inspection, visual check-bitumen paint thickness inspection-final inspection ( thickness, length, etc)-checking packing and shipping mark

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