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Zinc Coated Ductile Pipe

Zinc Coated Ductile Pipe

We produce ductile iron pipes for water supply, size from DN80-DN2600, standard ISO2531,EN545,EN598

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Product name: Zinc coated ductile pipe 

We have produced ISO2531/EN545/EN598 zinc coated ductile pipe for more than 15 years. 

By now we have exported our ductile iron pipes to many countries such as Italy, New Zealand, Syria, Iraq, Singapore,etc. Our annual production capacity is about 500000 tons. Our production equipments include high advanced electric furnace, anealing furnace, zinc spraying machine, hydraulic test machine,etc. 

Composition and class

Metallurgical composition of ductile iron shall confirm to the following requirements (ISO):

3.5% to 3.9% Carbon

1.8% to 2.6% Silicon

Minimum tensile strength: 420(MPa) for pipes

Minimum elastic limits: 300(MPa) for pipes

Minimum elongation at failure: 10% for pipes

Maximum hardness: 230(HB) for pipes



hydrostatic pressure

The pipes of class K9 shall be subject to hydrostatic pressure test in the factory as follows:

DN80 to DN300:50 bars

DN350 to DN600:40 bars

DN700 to DN800: 32 bars


Internal Lining

The pipes shall be internally lined with portland cement mortar. The thickness and the lines shall be in accordance with ISO 4179(1985).The lining shall be applied centrifugally.


External Coating


The pipes shall be externally coated in the factory with a metallic zinc coat as primer and a black bituminous or black coal tar based anticorrosive varnish in accordance to ISO 8179(1995). The zinc coat shall be applied by arc gun and the bituminous/tar based coat by an airless gun in at least 2 layers.

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