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Ductile Iron Pipe

  • Di Pipe Class K9

    DN80-DN2600 di pipe class k9 for water supply 1.used for water supply or water drainage 2.more durable than steel pipe, life time at least 30-50 years 3.easy to install, more economical
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  • Zinc Coated Ductile Pipe

    We produce ductile iron pipes for water supply, size from DN80-DN2600, standard ISO2531,EN545,EN598
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  • k9 ductile iron pipe

    We mainly supply k9 or class c ductile iron pipe. With best raw material resources in China and high production technique, our k9 ductile iron pipe quality is very good and stable. With production...
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  • k9 ductile cast iron pipe for water supply

    we mainly produce k9 or class c ductile cast iron pipe for water supply or water drainage with standard EN545/ISO2531/EN598. Our factory is the top one factory in China, with best raw material...
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  • EN545 ductile iron pipes

    Advantage of ductile iron pipes: high strength, lighter than gray iron, good corrosion resistance, no furring, small flow resistance, easy fixing, long life time.
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  • cement lined ductile iron pipe k9

    We have produced EN545/ISO2531/EN598 cement lined ductile iron pipe k9 or class c for more than 15 years. Our annual production capacity is about 500000 tons per year. Our raw material source is...
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  • Socket spigot ductile iron pipe

    We can produce EN545/ISO2531/EN598 socket spigot ductile iron pipe or flanged ductile iron pipe with size from DN80 to DN2600.
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  • K9 Ductile Iron Pipes for Water Supply

    Specifications: 1) The standard of pipe: ISO 2531 -1998, EN545-2002 , K9 2) Effective length: 6M when using bulk shipment way, or about 5.5M or 5.7M when in 20' container shipment way 3) Inner...
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  • Ductile Iron Pipes Class C

    1. Material: Ductile Iron 2. Stanard: ISO2531, EN545. 3. Size: DN100-DN2600 4. Joint type: T-Type 5. Class type: Class c ( we also supply k8 and k9) 6. Finishing: Cement mortar lining inside,...
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  • Ductile casting iron pipe k9 for drinking water

    Ductile Iron cast Pipe: ISO 2531, BS EN545, BS EN598 ductile iron pipe all available . 1-Product Information ISO 2531 ductile iron pipe are mainly used for water pipelines. The diameter is from...
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  • k9 ductile iron pipe with black bitumen paint

    k9 or class c ductile iron pipe with black bitumen paint Size: DN80-DN2600 Joint type: T TYPE or flange type or self-restraint type Life time: 30 years at least
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  • Class C Ductile Iron Pipes with Zinc Coating

    Internal pressure performance Because of the terrain and water supply, pipeline has internal pressure at working condition, in addition to the unexpected situations, will produce an instant high...
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