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Steel W Beam Highway Fence

Steel W Beam Highway Fence

long service life, anti corrosive, smooth surface, no sharp burrs or zinc blocks.

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Steel w beam highway fence

The design of the packaged, quick and easy installation;

Four layers anticorrosive processing, the service life of more than a decade, effectively resolve surface rust, pulverization, cracks and other issues of fence products;

Good decoration, rich color to meet the personalized needs of different customers on the fence products;

Environmental protection, no pollution, and solve the building pollution problems of the ordinary products;

Good performance of flexible, the rigidity and flexibility of high quality steel make the fence has good shock resistance;

The surface with electrostatic spraying makes the fence product has good self-cleaning properties, the rains washed out and nozzle spray cleaning can be bright like new;

Stainless steel security bolts, anti-theft style design;

Good weather, salt fog, wet and heat resistance, suitable for use in different regions.


Application of w beam guardrail : highway,roadside


Advantages of w-beam guardrail

1. It prevents the pedestrians and the animals from entering the road.

2. It ensures the safety of the drivers and the passengers by hindering the vehicles going off the road.

3. Good corrosion resistant, long and durable

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