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A few tips to deal with the sewage cast iron pipe leakage
Apr 25, 2018

Cast iron pipes are stress-free for most of the time and are easy to repair. here're a few tips for sharing:

1, using cast iron welding repair.

2, in the time when most people do not use water, will be cracked and leaked place polished, coated with epoxy resin in a cracked place, and then wrapped with a layer of white yarn or glass ribbon, and then apply one Epoxy resin can be repaired.

3. Make two U-shaped hoops with a width equal to the length of the crack and a radius equal to the outer radius of the cast iron downpipe. Use a 1-–2 mm thick rubber plate to wrap the place where the pipe is cracked and leaking, and use A good hoop holds the rubber plate tightly to the pipe, so that it can no longer leak.

4, using a good quick-drying cement in the cracks and leakage of water at the place to wear a layer, and then the cement wipe layer temporarily fixed until the cement solidified after removing the fixture can be.

5, using marble glue (marble stone special glue) adhesive repair

6, there are many adhesives can handle the water seepage place, we must first clean the surface to be treated, there is a binder, AB two-component, the water treatment at a clean place, make it dry, according to the instructions to deploy , Apply it to the cracks.

7. The method of repairing the leakage of the sewage pipe is to clamp the splint with a hoop (wipe the putty between the splint and the sewage pipe). The repair of water pipes on the road outside this way

8, with a leakproof king can solve the problem, riveted with aluminum rivets better, such as small sand holes can use aluminum wire riveting. With a relatively simple method: put sand in the glass water (building materials store to buy) Then sprinkle dry cement, apply a layer of glassy water, and sprinkle dry cement. Small sand eyes with sticky tape, there is a kind of aluminum-platinum tape, tearing block is like sticking, this kind of tape can also stick iron pot Yeah what, everywhere have to sell, not afraid of water. There is a mold repair agent, specifically for the metal components of the crack pores, trachoma.

9, wipe the surface of the water pipe clean, a layer of silica gel in the leaking place, and then wrapped raw material. Wrap more than the width of the dots, then wrap some silica gel around the layers, wrap the layers and wrap the silica gel once and then dry it.

10, very easy, AB type quick-drying mud.

11, Our stainless steel pipe repair couplings.

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