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Advantages and applications of resin concrete
May 08, 2018

The raw material of our synthetic trench drain (drainage channel) are with the 

advantages and also can be used for other applications.


The difference between resin concrete and ordinary concrete is that the cementing material used is synthetic resin, not cement. However, its technical performance is much better than ordinary concrete. Compared with cement concrete, it has the properties of fast hardening, high strength, and significant improvements in impermeability, corrosion resistance, wear resistance, freeze-thaw resistance, and adhesion.

2.Other applications

It can be applied to the rapid repair of concrete works, the rapid construction of underground pipelines, the lining of tunnels, etc., and can also be prefabricated in factories. (For quick repair or wear protection);

Artificial marble can be made by adding special raw materials to make bathtubs, kitchen countertops, etc.

Due to the anti-corrosion properties of resin concrete, resin concrete can be used to make floors and electrolytic cells in chemical plants.

In terms of construction, resin concrete can be used to repair ordinary concrete; making drainage ditch and other building components;

In particular, it is mentioned that the drainage ditch bases on both sides of the track of the Shanghai Circuit are made of resin concrete products.

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