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Advantages of integrated trench drain or drainage channel
Jun 02, 2018

1. The material of the trench drain (drainage channel) and the cover grate is resin concrete to ensure the safety and reliability of the road.

2. The cover grate is integrated with the trench drain (drainage channel) body. During the high-speed driving of the vehicle, there is no cover grate displacement or springboard phenomenon.

3. The overall drainage capacity of the integrated trench drain (drainage channel) exceeds 90 tons (F900 loading class).

4. The wall thickness of the cover grate is large and there are stiffeners inside, which can effectively improve the lateral impact resistance of the drainage channel (trench drain).

5. There is a water outlet hole on the side of the drainage channel (trench drain), which can effectively collect the interlayer water of the asphalt pavement.

6. There is a non-slip design for the water permeable holes on the surface of the trench drain (drainage channel), which can be used in tunnels and can include vehicle safety.

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