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Application of ductile cast iron pipe in mining field
Dec 27, 2017

From a professional point of view, ductile iron tube can be done in the field of use is also a lot. Plays an important role in the city's living water supply, not only this, in the mining industry, transport oil and gas also has the main space to play, in the production of ductile iron pipe, there is also a great improvement, this type of pipeline manufacturers need to take into account the technical aspects of the content, the different quality of the applicable areas are different.

Ductile iron pipes have good mechanical properties, the overall efficiency level of production is also constantly improving, ductile iron pipe has great advantages, ductile iron pipe not only has the characteristics of steel, but also has the performance of iron, in the performance of the same in the continuous upgrade in the production of the finished ductile Iron pipe, Has a good mechanical properties, but also the advantages of corrosion resistance, in the use of the process, ductile iron tube sealing is also very good.

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