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Application of linear drain on road projects
Jul 25, 2018

The effect of the polymer concrete drainage channel paved on road projects.

First of all, it improves the pavement strength.

The construction materials of municipal roads are mainly sandstone, cement, asphalt, etc., which have good strength in a dry environment, but if the road surface is soaked by water, it will destroy the cohesiveness between the materials and reduce the strength of the material, thus appearing A variety of problems, profit road collapse, roadbed collapse, uneven settlement. Therefore, installing a linear drain is a solution. The linear gutter has high strength and light weight, which is several times higher than the pressure rating of ordinary cement products. Moreover, due to the modularization of the drainage system, it is easy to manually assemble and assemble during construction, which reduces costs and speeds up construction progress. Taking into account the long-term planning of the city, the rainy season in the dry season, strict control of the construction process.

Secondary, it can extend the service life.

Damage to the municipal road due to poor drainage. In the cold winter weather, rain or snow water seeps into the interior of the roadbed, and the volume increases after freezing, which will damage the road structure. Linear drainage ditch, impervious to water, not frozen, resistant to a variety of chemical corrosion, can also be used for a long time under the complicated conditions of sewage composition. It can quickly discharge the road area water and test the long road life.

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