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Cast iron production equipment, advantages of cupola
May 02, 2018

The advantages of cupola smelting:

1. The cupola furnace is the most commonly used cast iron smelting plant. It uses coke as a fuel. The heat generated by the combustion of coke is directly used to melt the charge and increase the temperature of the molten iron. It saves energy consumption in comparison with electric arc furnaces and other furnaces, and the equipment is relatively simple and can be used in large and small factories. After the 1970s, major breakthroughs were made in the transformation of cupola equipment. The computer-aided operation of the cupola allowed the cupola furnace to be fully automated, maintaining high efficiency and meeting environmental protection requirements. So far, countries all over the world still use the cupola as the main smelting equipment and double-link with the induction furnace to increase the total thermal efficiency, adjust and evenly the chemical composition of the molten iron, and adapt to mass production.

2. Continuous iron liquid. A large water-cooled lining furnace with long furnace life can work continuously for 300 hours.

3. The equipment cost is low and the cost of the cupola equipment is low, but to achieve the smoke dust, so that the exhaust gas purification can meet the environmental protection requirements, the dust removal equipment is more than 5 times the cupola equipment.

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