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Classification of wrought iron gates
May 01, 2018

Wrought Iron can be divided into cast iron and forging. Cast iron is relatively rough with the molding surface, and there is not much to say here. Forging iron is made of special iron material. From the standpoint of style, it is generally divided into classical type and modern type. Classical models generally use complex patterns, the materials used are also relatively thick, the color is generally used imitation patina, should belong to the soft type. The modern type is relatively simple, and the materials used will also be selected with smaller square pipes, which mainly reflect streamlining, but there is no lack of modern beauty.

If iron is distinguished structurally, it is divided into two types:

1. Railing type

The main approach is to frame the door with a larger square tube.

Then use a wrought iron accessory to stitch the inlay directly in the frame. The performance of this type of transparent wrought iron gate is more aesthetically pleasing, and the use of materials is relatively small. It is suitable for doors with relatively large sizes, such as residential gates and villa garden doors.

wrought iron gate-1.jpg wrought iron gate 4.jpg

wrought iron gate 3.jpg

2. Solid door fan type

The main method is to manage the door frame by one side, and then use the iron plate as the bottom, make the entire door solid, and then in the iron plate, the use of iron accessories mosaic inlaid frame. The performance of such solid doors tends to be practical and safe, but the use of materials is relatively large, and it is not very prominent in aesthetics. It is more suitable for small-size doors, such as private small courtyard doors.

wrought iron gate 2.jpg

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