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Comparison between open trench and sub drain gutter
Apr 20, 2018

1. Urban sewage, wastewater, and internal drainage channels in the community are recommended to use underdrain or pipelines. The open trenches are mostly used in suburbs. For example, intercepted flash floods, farmland irrigation, rainwater drainage in roadways, etc. can be used in open ditch.

2. The ditch is a comprehensive comparison of environmental sanitation, use, safety, and maintenance. The cost performance is high; the ditch is not deeply buried, the construction cost is low, and it is easy to block siltation and affect the function of surface land use.

3. The ditch does not require a drainage structure, leaving no traces on the ground to maintain the integrity of the site. Commercial streets, residential areas, and park lawns are all used with a wide range of uses; open ditch contains fine sand and powder for soft soil, silt layer, or soil layer. Sand lots and lots of groundwater volume do not apply.

4. Underdrain can save a lot of manpower and time and play an environmental protection effect. Pay more attention to practicability in terms of efficacy, mainly to play a very good role in drainage and aesthetics, so as to maximize the role of linear drainage ditch; It is used for rainwater or excess water discharge.

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