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Comparison between our drainage channel and traditional cement drainage channel
Apr 08, 2018

The advantages of polymer concrete drainage channel.

1. The material are resin with concrete which has the characteristics of strong load-bearing capacity, high hardness, anti-aging, antifreeze, anti-corrosion, zero permeability, etc.;

2. According to different construction environment and bearing requirements, different cover plates can be used to meet the needs of various construction projects;

3. Unique U-shaped design with smooth inner wall, high drainage efficiency, no water phenomenon;

4, simple and quick installation, save manpower and material resources;

Problems of traditional cement drainage channel.

The traditional cement drainage channel has weaker load capacity, and the inside of the ditch is rough, and it is easy to accumulate rubbish, which causes poor drainage. In construction, on-site masonry is needed, and there are many processes, which requires more manpower and material resources and is not safe to use. It is easy to shift and collapse and cause unsafe roads.

     In summary, it can be seen that the polymer concrete drainage channel is not only higher in drainage efficiency than the traditional cement drainage channel, but also superior in terms of product quality, function, aesthetics, and market development prospects. Therefore, many municipal projects are now preferred. Polymer concrete drainage channel shows that the development prospect of resin drains is getting better and better.

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