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Design requirements of wrought iron products
Aug 17, 2018

1. Iron shape: Different decorative environments should choose the corresponding wrought iron shape to meet the needs of the environment and atmosphere.

2, wrought iron material selection: the choice of materials is determined by the three factors of hardness, aesthetics and economical practicability of the material steel, ignoring one of them may bring you irreparable regret.

3, wrought iron design: wrought iron can design the iron flower shape according to the customer's initial assumption, and the renderings, but if you need further, you need more precise design.

4, wrought iron paint treatment: paint is like the appearance of a person's clothing, the choice of suitable color will make your iron pieces more style and characteristics. For outdoor products, please consider "special rust-proof treatment" to ensure that your products have no rusting troubles for 15 years after installation outdoors.

5, wrought iron forging characteristics: most of the iron flower is forged products, each shape is hand-carved, the structure pays attention to the beauty and personality, so there are special requirements for the design, we must fully consider the feasibility of the shape And the aesthetics, so the production will be combined with the above factors, sometimes resulting in a deviation from the original drawing shape, structure and size. If you must make the original drawing style, please explain in advance.

6, wrought iron art: Tiehua is a combination of design and manufacturing products, the endless art of the art determines the artistic perfection of Tiehua.

7. Iron safety features: In addition to the decorative performance, the iron flower is also used as part of the building structure, such as stairs, doors, wrought iron fences, etc., so there are strict safety standards for the height, width and strength of the art shape. When selecting a product model, these factors must be weighed to make a reasonable choice to meet the standards for safe use.

8, wrought iron installation: the same style of iron, using different installation methods, may produce completely different effects, so all the items that need to be installed, both sides of the technical staff on-site measurement, determine the relevant data, and sign the installation The contract is in line with the smooth progress of the installation work.

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