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Different standards to coating thickness of gabion mesh wire
Apr 16, 2018

Normally we may receive the requirement of Zinc coating thickness of the mesh wire to gabion products.

The two standards about the production of gabion box according to EN10223 and ASTM A975.

The corresponding standards of the Zinc coating are EN 10224 and ASTM A90 (90M).

The differences between EN 10224 and ASTM A90 are,

a) To different diameter of the mesh wire, EN 10224 offer the recommended values according to the different classes of A, AB, B, C, D, A*3b. We can find the corresponding value according the table 1 in the standard.

Item 5 refers to the test method of the Zinc coating.

BS-EN-10244-2-2009 7.jpg

b) To ASTM A90, which offer a test method but not a chart with the recommended values. Through the test method then by calculation fomulars of item 8 in the standard, people will get the mass of the Zinc coating.

So, normally, we suggest our client to give a requirement of the coating thickness and offer the standard which you'd prefer.

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