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Gabion box with 300 gsm geotextile for slope protection project.
Apr 24, 2018

1、Gebing cage material: The material of Gabin cage is hot dip galvanized low carbon steel coated resin protective film. It is made of hot-dip galvanized low carbon steel gabine mesh formed by mechanical weaving to ensure stability and tensile strength.

2. The mesh of the gabion mesh must be uniform and must not be distorted. The aperture deviation of the mesh should be less than 5% of the design aperture.

3, the mesh is 100*120mm, 60*80mm, the wire diameter is φ2.5mm.

4. The filling material must be compact and weather resistant stone material. The diameter of the filling stone in the trough gabion net is 20-50cm, and the quality of each stone is not less than 5kg. More than 70% of the stone should be larger than 30kg. Net stone should be 10-20cm. The cage stone must have more than 80% of the pore size of the mesh and meet the particle size requirements of the design.

5, geotextile after each batch of materials on the spot to be tested by sampling, after passing the test can be used.

6, 300gsm geotextile technical indicators, the unit g important ≥ 300g, permeability coefficient greater than 1 * 10 -3cm / s; tensile strength of the direction of not less than 14kN / m, dimensional bar less than 12kN / m.

gabion with geotextile slope protection.jpg

gabion with geotextile slope wall protection.jpg

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