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Gabion is widely used in traffic
Dec 27, 2017

Gabion Network Ecological Green Grid is widely used in transportation, water Conservancy, municipal, landscape, soil and water conservation projects in a new type of material structure. The ecological grid is a low carbon high galvanized steel wire or a 5%-~10% aluminum-zinc thin alloy coating wire (or a homogeneous coated polymer wire) which will resist the decay and wear-resisting high strength. By the machine will be twisted into more than twisted, hexagonal mesh mesh, the two-wire hinge part of the length should not be less than 5cm, so as not to destroy the protective coating of steel wire. The Gabion network can be assembled into cages according to the engineering design requirements, and filled with stone and other filler materials, then connected into one, and used as a new technology for embankment and Subgrade protection.

In order to ensure that the material of the wire in the weaving process is not damaged (other wire such as medium, high carbon and alloy steel wire equipment woven motionless, forced knitting will destroy the steel wire material and coating, etc., and the ease of construction, as well as the characteristics of its flexibility, woven gabion mesh wire can only use low carbon steel wire, absolutely can not use other steel wire If a layer of PVC or PE is coated on the surface of low carbon high galvanized or 10% al-Zn thin alloy steel wire (no other polymers can be used), its finished structure will be more rust-proof, anti-static, anti-aging, corrosion-resistant, high pressure, high shear characteristics, can effectively resist seawater or highly polluted environment erosion.

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