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Gabion revetment
Aug 14, 2018

Flexible structure, resistant to water flow erosion, adapt to deformation, suitable for slope protection and revetment;

Good water permeability, drainage, conducive to soil consolidation, soil and water conservation;

Low-carbon steel wire with anti-corrosion treatment on the surface, durable, pvc/pe protective layer on the surface;

Easy to install, can be assembled into various shapes according to the design, and it is coherent as a whole;

Multiple groups can be constructed at the same time, running water;

Economically applicable, local stone resources can be used according to local conditions;

From the perspective of ecological environment, the silt in the cracks of the cage stone is conducive to the growth of plants and can be integrated with the surrounding natural environment. After many years, the Gebin cage has exceeded the age of use, the plant roots have been able to stabilize the river bank, and the stones in the cage have been integrated with the sludge and plant roots.

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