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History of ductile iron pipe and its development prospect in China
Dec 27, 2017

1947 British H.morrogh found that in the past Eutectic Gray cast iron in the addition of cerium, so that its content above 0.02wt%, graphite is spherical. 1948 the United States A. P.ganganebin and other people study pointed out that the addition of magnesium in cast iron, followed by Ferrosilicon inoculation, when the residual magnesium content is greater than 0.04wt%, get spherical graphite. Since then, ductile iron has begun large-scale industrial production. The history of the use of ductile iron pipes dates back to the 1668 Paris suburbs from the Seine to Versailles, the entire field about 21.14Km water pipeline, 300 years elapsed, in addition to some of the pipeline and joint repair replacement, the main body is still in use.

Present situation and prospect of ductile iron pipes in China
China's ductile iron pipe industry started in the early 1990s, with the strong support of China's Urban water Supply Association, rapid development, after nearly 20 years of practice, its safety, practicality has been widely recognized by the water industry, 2008 domestic production has reached 2.2 million tons, is 11 times times 1990. Because China is a country with a lack of water resources, the water supply and water-saving cause is in the ascendant, ductile Iron Pipe has broad development prospects.

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