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How to distinguish cast iron products and wrought iron products?
Apr 02, 2018

Iron products are widely used in interior design. The thick iron spirit is simple and elegant, and the craftsmanship is delicate. Whether it is the luxurious atmosphere of Chinese iron art, the elegant temperament of European iron art, or the grace of American iron art, iron art has incorporated different styles of iron art features into all aspects of modern architecture and decoration in the development history of thousands of years.


Iron products in the production process is divided into two categories: one is the iron cast iron products, these products are relatively rough appearance, straight and rough lines, the overall product is bulky, these products are not high prices, but easier to rust. The other is the forging process, that is, hand-made iron products, this product is relatively pure material, carbon content is relatively low, its products are more delicate, rich patterns, is the first choice for home decoration.

Iron skill series - the difference between cast iron and wrought iron

1. Cast iron iron craft, with grey cast iron as the main material, casting as the main process, various flower shapes, and strong decorative. Most castings are sand moulded and have a rough surface. Due to poor toughness of gray cast iron, it is easy to break and break, so the flower shape is easily damaged. In addition, the hollow of cast iron leads to poor weldability, so once the entire project is damaged, it is difficult to remedy and the durability is also poor.


2, wrought iron iron is divided into hand forging and machine quantification forging two ways. At present, most of the wrought iron arts on the market form a standardized, batch forging production, and the production and engineering are separated. The process and technology are integrated in the production plant, simplifying the construction difficulty in the project. But it can also guarantee the quality and decorative effect of the project. Hand forging is based on the completion of the machine forging, the processing accuracy is higher, the product quality is good, and the processability and decorativeness are strong. Hand-forged wrought iron is not only a sublimation of machine forging, but also a guarantee of personalization and quality.

Iron skill series - the difference between cast iron and wrought iron

Rusty comparison:

1. Iron products made of cast iron cannot be carefully and perfectly prevented from being rusted due to the rough process, and rusting may occur after being placed for a long time.

2. Forged wrought iron products, especially hand-forged wrought iron products, must be hot dip galvanized before the article is painted to isolate the iron from the air. After the paint, double protection, to prevent rust.

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