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How to install wrought iron baluster
Aug 09, 2018

Wrought iron baluster installation generally has two installation methods, namely welding installation and bolt installation, wherein the welding installation is a long-term installation.

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First of all, the wrought iron stair handrail installation, generally using welding. The material used for the electrode should be the same as that of the base material. The installation order of the handrail should start from the starting elbow and then the straight armrest. The armrest interface should be cut correctly according to the required angle, and it should be flattened with a trowel to avoid inaccurate cutting, which makes the handrail bend and difficult to install. When installing, the singular point elbow should be spot-welded and fixed with the railing pole. After the inspection, the welding is firm.

wrought iron baluster installation.jpg

Secondary,after the elbow is installed, the following is to carry out temporary spot welding of the straight ends of the straight armrests and the ends of the two ends. One end of the straight armrest is fixed by head joint and spot welding, and a weld gap of 3-4 mm is left at the armature interface, and then the armature is fixed by spot welding with each pole. After the inspection meets the requirements, according to the welding requirements Weld the interface, armrests and poles one by one.

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