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How to prevent the rust of gabion
Dec 27, 2017

Gabion is also known as stone cage nets.

First of all, stone cage net made of materials, some use steel, some use plastic. For the protection of plastic nets is very simple, we are mainly in the daily life, pay more attention to it out of the sun can be. But the steel made of stone cage nets, we need everyone in use, not only the stone cage nets in the sun under the long-term exposure, but also need everyone to apply some of the stone cage to prevent rust oil, can prevent the rust of the stone cage nets.

Secondly, usually, if there is a heavy rain, the sun is not enough light, at this time, we need to hang in the vent in the stone net, and, do not need to add any chemical supplies to it, in this weather, relatively easy to produce some chemical reaction, serious words, will make the stone cage network can not continue to use. I hope everyone in the rainy weather, special attention should be paid to save the net.

Then, if the wet weather, there is no too much sun irradiation, there is no strong wind, as long as the surface of the net coated with some oil, and put it in the tuyere, but at night we should remember to put it away.

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