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Installation Essentials of ductile Iron Pipe
Dec 27, 2017

1. Clean the pipe mouth: will be in the mouth of all debris removal scrub clean.

2. Clean the rubber ring, on the rubber ring: the glue ring on the adhesive clear wipe clean, the rubber ring bends to "plum-shaped" or "8" shaped into the socket groove, and the hand along the entire rubber ring, or with a rubber hammer smashed to ensure that all parts of the rubber ring not twisted, evenly stuck in the slot.

3. In the socket outside the surface and rubber ring brushing lubricant: The lubricant evenly brushing in the socket installed on the surface of the rubber, in the outer surface of the socket brushing lubricant to the socket outside the socket part of all brush evenly.

4. The next tube: should be in accordance with the requirements of the pipe down to the bottom of the tube, usually by artificial tube or under the mechanical tube method.

5. Installation machinery and equipment: will be ready equipment installed in place, the installation of the attention should not be cleaned the pipe part of the pollution again.

6. Push the pipe to insert the socket: in the installation, in order to insert the socket into the mouth more labor-saving, smooth. First the socket into the socket and socket pressure to the socket inside the rubber ring, connect the wire rope and the inverted chain, pull tight the inverted chain, until the socket inserted into the socket all in place, between the socket and the socket should be left around 2mm clearance, and ensure that the socket around the outer to the rubber ring distance consistent.

In the installation process, the fixed tube, the axis of the moving tube in a straight line, otherwise easy to the rubber ring, affecting the installation quality and speed.

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