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Internal coatings of EN877 cast iron pipe
Aug 06, 2018

When tested in accordance with 5.7.2 the materials for internal coatings shall conform to the following requirements:

-resistance to salt spray : at least 350 h in accordance with ISO 7253;

-resistance to waste water: at least 30 d at 23℃;

-chemical resistance from PH2 to PH12: at least 30 d at 23℃;

When tested in accordance with 5.7.2, the internal coatings on finished products shall conform to the following requirements;

-dry coating thickness: not greater than 400um (except for specific coatings for special applications), 

                                      and at least the minimum factory applied thickness to be specified by the 

                                      manufacturer (see 4.6.1);

-adhesion: in accordance with level 1 of EN ISO 2409;

-resistance to hot water: 24 h at 95℃;

-resistance to temperature cycling: 1500 cycles between 15℃ and 93℃.

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