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Matters need attentions to install polymer concrete linear drain
Jun 08, 2018

Usually the finished drainage channel project construction adopts the method of positioning the pad at the bottom.

Cement mortar pad increased positioning.

Mix and mix properly dry and wet cement mortar, place the concrete piles according to the distance of the finished resin concrete trench drain, not too wet, easy to sink, can not be accurately positioned; not too dry, not easy to solidify, and then align adjacent to each other at the same height Finished drains are connected.

When cement mortar is piled up, care must be taken not to squarely underneath the butt joints in the finished drain to avoid penetration of cement mortar and dirt. In addition, the cement mortar pile must be higher than the bottom of the finished drain and tightly in the groove. In this way, after the cement mortar is solidified, the drainage channel can be locked, and the finished product drainage channel can be prevented from floating in the next process.

The linear resin concrete trench drain are placed one by one from the drop wells until the specified length. One by one along with the previously drawn wire to ensure the correct and effective installation of the linear resin concrete trench drain system.

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