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Mechanical function and appearance quality of ductile cast iron pipe
Dec 27, 2017

Ductile iron pipe with excellent mechanical function and appearance quality, is caused to the water pipe load, super pressure ability, reliable sealing function, so that the water pipeline close to perfection, even in the messy terrain of saline-alkali soil, swamp, desert hillside balance moisture, but also excellent completion of the task model of ductile iron pipe, with antifreeze ability of ductile iron pipe, No cracks and tubes will be present without special circumstances.

Its piping has the following obvious characteristics:

First, the ductile iron pipe can withstand the internal water pressure can reach 3.0 MPa, its elongation, stiffness, tensile strength are larger;

Second, pipe fittings thoroughly, can be accustomed to a variety of equipment needs;

Third, ductile iron pipe interface Generally choose socket, flexible interface, disassembly and easy to withstand some of the strong settlement ability, can be in the tube with a small amount of water in the case of repair;

Four, ductile iron tube general appearance anti-corrosion spraying zinc layer, and then sprayed asphalt protection, its pipe wall lined with cement mortar, corrosion-resistant ability stronger than steel pipe, but weak in non-metallic pipelines;

Five, generally have 50 years of use, than the use of steel pipe length. Ductile iron pipe in use must pay attention to the pipeline flexible interface of the skid-proof problem.

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