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New precast synthetic concrete trench drain system kerb unit for stor
Apr 29, 2018

Every rainy season, our city stricken by the storm water especially to the low-lying areas without good drainage systems.

Usually we've to face to the situations as similar as the below pictures.


storm water seeper pic 3rd.jpg

These occured for many reasons, like the low water discharge capacity, sewer system blocked by debris, trench drains blocked by leaves and debris, traditional trench drain design and etc.

traditional trench drain.jpg

It's the tradition design of trench drain underground closed to the kerbs, the next couple of the two drains is 50 meters far from here along the roadside. It's a long distance if the trench drain blocked by the debris, very hard to clear and need to ask for the professional teams with special equipment to deal with it and will spend a lot.

What if the new drainage system adopt our synthetic concrete kerbs?


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