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Pave resin concrete drainage channels at arc area
May 20, 2018

Our resin concrete drainage channel produced by the straight moulds.

Considering there're many arc areas in sports park, playground, stadium projects, it's

not possible to prepare many arc moulds with different radians which will increase the 

cost pretty much. Then it's the problem how to pave the resin concrete drainage channel

to the arc areas?

Normally, the length of the resin concrete drainage channel is 1m or 0.5m per piece.

We need to measure the arc length first to estimate how many pieces of drainage channel should 

be use to splice the arc area.

Secondary, cut the drainage channel with some pieces with the small length.

Splice the pieces of resin concrete drainage channels together and install the cover grates,

connect the drainage channels at the joints with the special sealant for seal and connection.

Then backfill the concrete at the both sides of the drainage channel to fix them.

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