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Polymer or plastic trench drain according to standard of EN124
Jun 02, 2018

We received two inquiries from our clients recently.

The drawings and catalogues of the trench drain referred to the standard of the design, manufacture and test methods.

Here we need to declare the standard of EN124 isn't about the trench drain or drainage channel. It only refers to the cover grate, manhole cover and etc.

The standard of EN124 also refers the loading class, A15 to F900, but they're not the same implications with EN1433.

To our polymer concrete trench drain, we need to consider not only the loading class, the compression resistance, but also the bending resistance which means the trench drain suffers the pressure from the both two sides of the trench drain.

We need to consider the pressure of the whole body of the trench drain but not only the cover grate.

More details of the test methods and the relevant standards please download the standard of EN1433 on our official website.

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