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Rainwater collection and drainage system
Jul 18, 2018

Currently we're managing the polymer concrete trench drain, catch basin and drainage kerbs.

Actually, we can save the gift of nature if we have any system to collect the rainwater.

house-w-rainwater-harvesting-for-green-roofs.jpg  Stormwater-Capture.jpg

In the pictures refer to the rainwater flow along the rain gutter on the roof and into the catch basin or rainwater storage module underground. People can use the storage water to irrigate the lawn, wash cars, flush toilet and etc. Also people can install the drainage channel to save the surface water and collet it. Then how to install the rainwater storage module?

water storage module.jpg

Over the modules cover geotextile and geomembrane to make an enclosure space. Geotextile for separation of soil, sand from water, geomembrane to keep the water inside of the tank.

It's very suitable for DIY or civil use projects especially in drought areas.

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