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Test method of bending strength to synthetic resin concrete trench drain
Apr 28, 2018

All of China suppliers of HDPE or PP trench drains said their products according to EN1433,

but non of them offered the authoritative reports by the third party.

They told the clients the test include the loading test means assembling the cover grate with 

the trench drain together then load 15kg, 125kg, 250kg, 400kg, 600kg and 900kg over the cover grate

to claim their products could meet the requirement of A15, B125, C250 and etc.

But non of these plastic trench drain is in accordance with EN1433.

In the standard, chapter 6 refers to the materials should include of and chapter 6.2 refers to 

the production,quality and test.

To the chapter 2 refers to the relative standards.

To the bending strength, EN1170-5, part 5 mentions this.

To the standard ISO4012 mentions the "concrete-determination of compressive strength of specimens".

More of shares will offer to ensure our clients pay for the right products.

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