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The advantages of wrought iron products for gardening
Apr 02, 2018

Iron products are divided into cast iron and wrought iron. The cast iron process is simple, and the material is easy to aging and rust, and can be machined.

Wrought iron is completely made by hand. The material contains steel and is durable. High-quality wrought iron products are all wrought iron products, and some of them contain zinc and do not rust.

Wrought iron can best reflect artistic features. Details of the decorative pattern, such as embossing effects, leaves, flowers, spiral rounded shape, etc. are carefully designed by skilled craftsmen, one hammer and one hammer are hand forged, and a small iron flower needs to go through a dozen processes to complete. Full display of the iron art of superb art and human touch.

Unlike cast iron products, each piece of wrought iron is unique in its details.

Surface treatment, high-quality iron products are often more than six special paint or spray treatment to avoid rust, while reducing the rough and cold feel.

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