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The classification of ductile cast iron pipes
Mar 29, 2018

According to its manufacturing methods can be divided into: sand centrifuge socket straight pipe, continuous cast iron pipe and sand iron pipe.

According to their different materials used can be divided into: gray iron pipe, ductile iron pipe and high silicon iron pipe.

1, water supply ductile cast iron pipe:

After the cast iron pipe of No. 18 cast iron is used, the cast iron is added with a nodulizer, and after the high-speed centrifugal cast pipe of the centrifugal ductile iron machine, the ductile cast iron pipe has the nature of iron, the performance of steel, excellent corrosion resistance, good ductility, and sealing. Good effect, easy installation, mainly used for municipal, industrial and mining enterprises, water supply, gas transmission, oil and so on. It is the first choice for water supply pipes and has a high price/performance ratio.

2. Sand centrifugal cast iron straight pipe:

The sand-type centrifugal cast iron straight pipe is made of gray cast iron and is suitable for conveying pressure fluids such as water and gas.

3, continuous cast iron straight pipe:

The continuous cast iron straight pipe, that is, the continuously cast gray cast iron pipe, is suitable for the transportation of pressure fluid such as water and gas.

4, drainage cast iron pipe:

Ordinary drain cast iron sockets and fittings. Flexible earthquake-resistant interface cast iron straight pipe, this kind of cast iron pipe adopts rubber ring seal and bolt fastening, which has good flexibility and flexibility under internal water pressure. It can adapt to large axial displacement and lateral deflection, suitable for high-rise building indoor drainage pipes, especially suitable for earthquake area. From the interface form can be divided into: W-type flexible cast iron drainage pipe, B-type flexible cast iron drainage pipe, A-type flexible cast iron drainage pipe.

Continuous gray cast iron pipe nominal diameter of 75 ~ 1200 mm. The length of the straight pipe is 4 meters, 5 meters and 6 meters; according to the wall thickness, they are divided into three levels: LA, A and B. Sand type centrifugal gray cast iron pipe nominal diameter of 200 ~ 1000 mm, effective length of 5 meters and 6 meters; according to different wall thickness points P, G two levels. High strength, good toughness, thin wall, less metal, can withstand higher pressure.

The nominal diameter of the ductile cast iron pipe is 80 to 2200 mm. Compared with the gray cast iron pipe, the strength is high, the toughness is good, the wall of the pipe is thin, the amount of metal is small, and the high pressure can be tolerated. The effective length is 5 meters and 6 meters. And 8 meters; according to different wall thickness points P, G two. Is the development direction of cast iron pipe. The ductile iron pipe is made of low-phosphorus, low-sulfur, high-quality cast molten iron produced in ironmaking blast furnaces. It is cast in a water-cooled metal centrifugal casting machine according to the current international advanced centrifugal casting and annealing process, and is annealed, socket-refined, and water. Pressure test, inner wall lining cement, cement lining health care, water cement liner, outer wall coating asphalt paint, bituminous paint baking, socket rust treatment, squeegee head and packaging, etc. , high elongation, corrosion-resistant reinforced iron bone.

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