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The preparations of hydro test to cast iron pipe on site
Apr 17, 2018

1. The installation inspection of pipelines is in accordance with design requirements and specifications.

2. All the exposures in the test section have been sealed tightly and no water seepage is allowed.

3. The equipment and piping have been cleaned before pressure testing.

4. After the installation of the pipeline, the appearance of valve joints and welded steel pipe welds are all qualified.

5. The nozzle is closed and checked, and the pressure gauge is installed in place.

6. Test pressure temporary pipe connection is completed.

7. Open the water injection valve and pump water from the nearby deep wells to the test pipeline. The water injection from the pipeline should be slowly poured in from the downstream. During the injection, the exhaust valve should be designed at the top of the pipe at the upstream of the test section. The water injection of the pipeline should be carried out slowly to ensure the inside of the pipeline. The air is fully removed to prevent the generation of air hammers or water hammers in the pipes.

If there is water in the reserved pipe nozzle on the Morton blockage board, no bubbles are brought out visually. After the water injection is completed and the test pipe section is filled with water, it shall be fully immersed in the absence of pressure for more than 24 hours before the test pressure is tested. 

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