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The structure of drainage channel and grate
Apr 08, 2018

1, Drainage channel

1.1 The composition of drainage system: It consists of a number of finished product drainage channel bodies, corresponding finished drainage channel covers, finished product inspection boxes (catch basin, special pipe channel conversion catch basin), and blocking plates to complete the rainwater collection of green areas, stadiums and squares. A system that is transported to a building community or a city storm drain.

1.2 Integrated module finished product drainage.

2, Material of drainage channel.

2.1 Polymer concrete drainage channel.

2.1.1 Polymer resin as the main raw material, through the formation of cementitious materials with other additives, combined coagulation into a composite material and the production of modular drain body.

2.1.2 The polymer concrete drainage channel should have the characteristics of pressure resistance, impact resistance, bending resistance, smooth surface, no water seepage, no water absorption and durability.

2.2 The finished polymer concrete drainage channel is light in weight and easy to construct. The site will be cut and drilled without changing its performance.

3, ditch cover material

3.1 Flat-type drainage ditch covers are ductile iron, galvanized steel, polymer, stainless steel and etc.

3.2 Slotted drain covers are ductile iron, galvanized steel, and stainless steel.

3.3 The cover plates are all modular production products.

4, product specifications and technical parameters

4.1 Drainage channel section shape

4.1.1 The channel is a semicircular drainage channel, which is called U-shaped drainage channel in this figure.

4.1.2 The channel at the bottom is a square channel, which is called L-shaped channel in this figure.

4.1.3 The gully bottom is an oval channel, which is called V-shaped channel in this figure.

4.2 The integrated drainage channel refers to the drainage channel which is manufactured by the whole body of the channel and the cover plate.

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