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Trench drain,slot drain with stainless steel or galvanized steel cover grate
Jun 05, 2018

Slot-type trench drain or slot drain is a kind of linear drainage channel. The linear drainage channel discharges surface water or storm water fast. The slot-type drainage channel is widely used in outdoor construction sites such as commercial buildings, public buildings, squares, shopping areas, pedestrian streets, and small and medium-sized vehicle passing areas.

The slotted drain cover plate is made of stainless steel SUS304 or galvanized steel. After installation, it will only leave a gap of 2 cm. The effect of the pavement will be concealed and beautiful, and water will be continuously connected with high drainage efficiency. There are single slits, double slits and multiple slits on the cover grates. The customer can match the size of the drainage according to the actual situation. The more slits, the larger the cross-sectional area of the trench drain, the higher capacity of water discharge it's with.

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