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What is the coated sand
Oct 29, 2018

We produce cast iron ornaments for more than 7years, the technique change from handmade model to coated sand.

both the technique and surface become better and better.

So what is coated sand technique?

Definite: the surface of the sand will be coated with soild resin film or core sand before modelling.

Coated sand mainly use natural quartz sand as raw sand, thermoplastic phenolic resin, ullotropine and reinforcing agent as raw material. According to the different technical requirements of users, workers will adjust the proportion in curing speed, film removal, fluidity, collapsibility, surface finish of casting etc.


1.Vibration sand cleaning、high strength、low gas generation and low expansion;

2. Good invisibility and high surface finish of the casting.

3. Good shell formwork, better thermal stability, good thermal conductivity, good liquidity and cast items surface smooth.

4.High strength, high temperature resistance, low expansion, good demoulding and adhesion resistance

5. The shell will not peel off and solidifies quickly.

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