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WRAS and UPC certification
Nov 01, 2018

WRAS certification and accreditation have a UPC, WRAS certification profile WRAS (WaterResearchAdvisoryScheme) certification is the water regulations Advisory Scheme, RAS by the British WRc-NSF management and the United Kingdom issued by the certification of drinking water safety.

Water regulations Advisory Scheme (WRAS) is a British water industry 的 certification program, recognized the products from the program show that it coincide with the 1999 annual water supply systems (water Peijian) of the regulations and the revised versions.

Project's main objective is to avoid the water: waste of consumer misuse abuse improper, incorrect measurement or contaminants such certification is the gateway to the UK market must be licensed, though not mandatory, but has been the custom, in almost all water companies in the provision of water Acceptance of the procedure when one must check for compliance with the relevant standards of the certification, WRAS approval is the most convincing proof will be no water supply is not eligible.

UPC is a certified American Association of International Pipeline Mechanical HVAC (IAPMO) certification mark, IAPMO is in English InternationalAssociationofPlumbingandMechanicalOfficials short, it is based in California, is a non-profit organization. Since its inception in 1926, IAPMO has been engaged in building water trades and the safe use of building ventilation system specification and the formulation of objectives, and the product testing, certification. IAPMO is an important member of the Council of the International channels. UPC specification as many countries in the world to promote the use, making IAPMO has a solid international status. With the constant improvement of standard UPC and UPC of international norms with industry knowledge and understanding deepened, IAPMO UPC specification will be issued in the wider international recognition and applications.

IAPMO certified product range:

Ceramic sanitary ware; bathtub, bathroom, massage bathtub; kitchen faucets, bathroom faucets, shower heads; antifreeze faucet; the preparation of hose; metal bellows; toilet tank fittings; copper alloy tube, copper pipe joints; plastic pipe plastic fittings; cast iron pipes, fittings joints; rubber pipe coupling; brass ball valve, gate valve; iron gate; metal / non-metallic valve, check valve; copper alloy to drain; cast iron floor drain; gas pipe; gas valve; plastic composite pipe; plastic toilet cover; ceramic mandrel (faucet use); rubber washer; ventilation pipe; ANSI / NSF certified non-toxic; drinking fountains (RO), water softeners. 

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