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Wrought iron products surface protection and decoration process
Aug 15, 2018

The surface of the wrought iron product can reduce and avoid the corrosion of the metal surface, and the process of decoration is called the protection and decoration of the surface of the wrought iron product. For wrought iron products, the method of surface protection and decorative treatment is generally adopted. There are many kinds of specific treatment methods, but in the case of wrought iron products, coating and electroplating (or hot-dip galvanizing) are commonly used, and if they are used together, it is the best for durability.

1. Non-metallic protective layer: Apply one or several layers of organic and inorganic compounds such as paint, plastic, rubber, asphalt, tantalum, acid-resistant materials, anti-rust oil, etc. on the surface of wrought iron products.

2. Metal protective layer: A layer of metal or alloy that is not easily rusted, such as zinc, tin, nickel, chromium, copper, titanium, etc., is plugged on the surface of the wrought iron product. Commonly used methods are: electroplating, spraying, hot dip galvanizing, etc., but the metal protective layer used on wrought iron products should generally be hot dip galvanized. Due to the professional degreasing and rusting of galvanized workpieces before plating and high temperature immersion plating in 340 °C zinc solution, the coating can cover many defects and gaps, avoiding rust afterwards (especially suitable for rust prevention of outdoor wrought iron products). ), and has excellent adhesion properties.

3. Chemical protective layer: chemical and electrochemical methods are used to form a protective layer of non-metallic film on the surface of wrought iron products, such as blackening, bluing, and phosphate treatment.

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