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Brief Introduction Of Ductile Iron Pipe
Dec 27, 2017

Cast iron steel Pipe is the essence of ductile iron pipe, because ductile iron pipe has the essence of iron, steel performance, so it is called. The graphite in ductile iron tube exists in spherical form, and the general graphite is 6-7 grade. The quality of the cast iron tube is required to control the ball grade 1-3, the rate of ≥80%, so that the mechanical properties of the material itself has been better improved, with the essence of iron, steel performance. After annealing the ductile Iron Pipe, its microstructure is ferrite plus a small amount of pearlite, mechanical properties good, so called cast iron pipe.

Ductile Iron Pipe has the essence of FE, steel performance, anti-corrosion performance, excellent ductility, easy installation, mainly used for municipal industrial and mining enterprises water supply, gas transmission.

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