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Method To Maintain Wrought Iron Handrails
Nov 09, 2018

1. The first thing user should pay attention to is wrought iron handrail should avoid collision, workers should take care of the wrought iron when they carry them, the place where put the wrought iron handrail should far away from  hard and sharp placel; and keep the handrail put in the flat place. When installing the handrail, we shoud make sure its fastness and stability , incase of any transformation after long time which lead to the service life short.

2. Dedusting regularly, long time not dedusting, the surface of the wrought iron handrail will full of dust, it will influence its color, if serious, it will distory the protection layer of the handrail. So we should sweep the handrail regularly.

3.Pay attention to moistureproof. If only the normal outside door air humidity, it is OK. if it is heavy fog weather, we should use dry cloth to sweep the water on it; if in rainy day, it should be wiped dry when the rain stops.

4. Far away from acid-base. Acid-base will have  serious corrosivity on wrought iron handrails, so users should try best to avoid acid-base on handrail, if you are not careful with acid-base on the handrail, you  should flush with water immediately and dry with cloth.

5.Wrought Iron handrail rust cleaning: if the handrail is rust, pls don't use abrasive paper to polish. if the rust is very small and light, apply cotton yarn to the rust. After a while. wipe it off with a cloth. If the rust has been enlarged and become heavy, you should ask relevant technician to repair it.

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