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The Method Of Install Wrought Iron Handrail
Nov 08, 2018

How to install wrought iron handrail?

Now most of house and villa are willing to use wrought iron handrail to decorate their houes.

Today we are talk about how to install wrought iron handrail:

1.process: installation of embeded parts--release line--installation of post--hand rail and post connection--polish

2.construction key points:

1)installation of embeded parts: the installation of embeded parts could only be carried out with post-embeded part, the method is to use expansion bolts and steel plates to make the rear connector. puting the line on the foundation of civil works, determine the position of the fixed points of post, and then drill the hole on the floor, then install expansion bolts, bolts should keep enough length, after fix the bolts, tight the bolt, meanwhile weld the bolt and nuts in case of any loose. The same method used for handrail and wall.

2)release line:as in order to avoid any deviation, thus before installation of post, it should release line to make sure the position accuracy of steel plates and post, any deviation should be remend in time.

3)post installation

4)hand rail and post connection:before installation, through release line, according to the angle of inclination and handrail roundess, process a groove on it, then put the handrail in groove, and point welding from one side in sequence. Before welding, it must sweep away oil, bur, and rust etc.

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