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Trench Drain

  • Polymer Concrete Drainage System

    Polymer concrete drainage system consist of trench drain, cover grate, end caps, catch basin and drainage pipe. Trench drain, catch basin and end caps are made from polymer concrete plus the...
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  • Polymer Concrete Catch Basin

    Polymer concrete made from resin, concrete and other filling materials to provide great compression resistance and bending resistance.According to EN 1433. Catch basin, trench drain, end caps,...
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  • Trench Drain And Kerbs For Pedestrians

    Trench drain and kerbs for pedestrians.Cover grate we choose stainless steel and galvanized steel types to offer enough strength and make the appearance to be aesthetic and with good looking....
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  • Trench Drain And Kerbs For Driveway

    China supplier of polymer concrete trench drain and kerbs, the innovative design of driveway rain water discharging.From A15 to F900, according to EN1433. Easy install and repair.High strength...
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  • Trench Drain For Heavy Load

    Trench drain especially for heavy load situation like airport projects. The integral type products can load over 90 tons compression resistance.Loading class F900 according to EN1433. Made from...
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  • Slot Drain

    Polymer concrete slot drain with galvanized steel or stainless steel cover grate for pedestrian streets or plazas. An innovative drainage system and solution for surface water or storm water...
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  • Polymer concrete trench drain F 900

    · Available with a range of accessories · Fire resistant · Ductile cover grate comply with EN1433. · Suitable for airport, military base and other extreme heavy load field. · Material : Resin...
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  • Polymer concrete trench drain E 600

    · Fire resistant · Cover grate made from galvanized steel or ductile cast iron. · Suitable for port, harbor,wharf,dock and storage yard. · Material : polymer mixed with concrete. · Bending...
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  • Polymer concrete trench drain C 250

    Polymer concrete trench drain or drainage channel for surface water drainage system. Especially applied to kerb sides, road side, drive way,non-trafficked areas of hard shoulders, square, open...
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  • Polymer concrete trench drain D 400

    · Fire proof · Grating cover could be galvanized steel type and ductile cast · Iron type. · Could be applied to kerb sides, road side, non-trafficked areas of hard shoulders, square, open deck,...
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  • Polymer concrete trench drain B 125

    EN1433 polymer concrete trench drain for surface water drainage.An innovative design save time for projects construction.Better performance and stronger than plastic,steel or traditional concrete...
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  • Polymer concrete trench drain A 15

    Surface water drainage trench drain, made from resin concrete according to EN1433 loading class A15. For pedestrian street,swimming pool,backyard and etc.Cover grate could be polymer,galvanized...
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