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Polymer concrete trench drain D 400

· Fire proof · Grating cover could be galvanized steel type and ductile cast · Iron type. · Could be applied to kerb sides, road side, non-trafficked areas of hard shoulders, square, open deck, bridge and etc. · Material : Resin+concrete · Resistance to bending more than 34.8 MPa · Resistance to...

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-Assemble with end cap,cover grate,drainage pipe,catch basin,steel edge and etc.

-Fire resistance and no permeable resin concrete with other filling materials to offer

 high strength.

   a)Resistance to bending more than 34.8 MPa

   b)Resistance to compression = 142.3 MPa

-Galvanized steel, ductile steel grates can be alternative.

-Applied to carriageways of roads (include pedestrian streets),bridge

highway,hard shoulder and parking lots, bus station,

railwaystation and for all types of road vehicles.

-Smooth and U-shape inner surface,light weight.

-Easy to install, repair and replace.

-No blocking by debris.

-Loading class: D400 as per EN 1433

-Width of the drainage channel from 100mm to 350mm.Total height from 95mm to 780mm.

-Length of the trench drain can be 500mm or 1m per piece.

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