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Polymer concrete trench drain F 900

· Available with a range of accessories · Fire resistant · Ductile cover grate comply with EN1433. · Suitable for airport, military base and other extreme heavy load field. · Material : Resin comply with Concrete · Bend resistance more than 34.8 MPa · Compression resistance no less than 142.3...

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1.UV resistance.

2.Applied to airport, military base and other extreme heavy load fields.

3.Can be with ductile cover grate or made into the integrated trench drain with better performance.

   Can bear more than 90 tons loading over the product.

4.Made from polymer concrete and other filling materials offer high strength, and light unit weight.

   a)Bend resistance ≥ 34.8 MPa

   b)Compression resistance  142.3 MPa

5.Working temperature from -40 to 300℃

6.U shape inner surface and flat surface can make water flows more smooth, won't be blocked

     by debris. Not permeable.

7.Total height from 95mm to 780mm.

8.Length of the trench drain is 1m per piece.

9.Packaging: bundle with steel or plastic belt, PE film and pallet.

   integrated polymer concrete trench drain.jpg

polymer concrete trench drain EN1433.jpgtrench drain and catch basin.jpg   trench drain and catch basin.jpg

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